Whether the season is ending or about to begin, it’s time to plan the storing or taking out of storage of your motorized recreational vehicle. Modern vehicles are more and more complex and require preparation specifically recommended by the manufacturer. Too often this preparation process is just too cumbersome for owners. The solution? The storage and preparation service offered by Motos Illimitées. The objective of this comprehensive new service is to assist our clients in implementing terms of service that are carefully chosen and clearly defined terms by the clients themselves. This will ensure your vehicle is stored at an ideal temperature, winter as in summer, away from the elements and from prying eyes.

To ensure that the long storage and warehousing period doesn’t bring any unpleasant surprises, precautions are in order regarding oils, filters, fuel, cooling liquids, the battery, the chain-drive, belt or universal-joint secondary transmission, tires or caterpillar tracks, joints and other pivoting mechanisms.

Once your favourite season has arrived, Motos Illimitées will carry out a comprehensive tuneup, inspection and cleaning of your vehicle. All you have to think about is enjoying your beautiful toy. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized storage and warehousing services and reserve your secure space.